Star of the heavens

Poetry Jan 8, 2015

stars of heaven

The brightest of light
In the darkest of skies,
Emerging from the star
Of infinitive price.

I wish that dawn
Was forever lost
Cause not seeing you
Is what it costs.

Hear hear, it’s a star I love,
For I’m endlessly blind,
I know I can’t go near it,
Even if it’s on my mind.

You may not see
That I crave to see you,
It may not be appropriate
But I truly love you.

I would’ve come flying to you,
But the gravity is too strong,
Even though I break free,
The years between us is too long.

So here I stand,
With a broken heart,
Expressing all I see
Through this lovely art.


Manne Narayana Chandradhar

Manne Narayana Chandradhar is a poet and a freelance writer. Apart from literature, his other keen interests include travelling, football and food. He is always ready to try anything new.