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THE BRIDGE conducted an online survey for the first year students to get a new perspective on PSG TECH

By Raghav Hrishikeshan (B.E, Electronics and Communication, 2014-2018)
Feature Photo by Fiona Victoria (B.E, Robotics & Automation, 2015-2019)
July- August has to be the busiest and most energetic time of the year for every college. With hundreds of enthusiastic young lads entering adulthood with different hopes and great enthusiasm, every college tries its best to live up to their expectations and PSG Tech is no exception.
Now, aren’t you curious to know about the feelings of our freshmen? Their expectations and opinions on everything pertaining to the college and this new phase of their lives? Well, at least we are! After giving them a week to settle down, we conducted an online survey on our website for all the first years who have joined us, hoping to quench our curiosity. And here we are, presenting you with a small summary (including the titbits!) of the responses we received .

What we asked:  What was your first choice for undergraduation?
What we got: The answers were pretty much on expected lines with over 90% choosing Engineering. A few were awaiting the medical counselling and had chosen Engineering as a backup option.
What we asked: What is your domain of interest? Did you join the branch that you were interested in?
What we got: We got a mixed response. It was sad to see a few of them lament that they did not take the course that they were interested in. However, most of them did end up with the course of their interest and seemed as though they possessed the zeal required to excel. Computer science seemed a popular answer among those interviewed.
What we asked: Where are you from ?
What we got: PSG Tech is known to bring in students from different parts of the state because of its stellar reputation. Not surprisingly, we have had people from different parts of the state (and country too!) coming into the institution.
What we asked: Why did you choose PSG?
What we got: We were taken aback when we saw the responses for the question. Most of them did not know the exact reason and attributed it to the reputation of the institution. About 10% added that they opted for PSG based on the suggestions made by their well-wishers.
It was indeed surprising to see a myriad responses for this question. After all, all of us have our own reasons why we joined PSG Tech.
What we asked: What are your aspirations after undergrad?
What we got: Interestingly, the answers came in binary, either they wanted to pursue higher studies or they had not given it a thought yet. No doubt that students have answered with higher studies, for PSG Tech is known to produce technocrats who excel in various parts of the world and also boasts of a well-connected alumni network all around the world.
What we asked: What were your first impressions of PSG Tech?
What we got: Most of them were awestruck after seeing the bridge and added that it is a very clean campus. About 70% of the responses hinted PSG as being a very good place to study.
What we asked : How comfortable are you with English as the medium of communication?
What we got :  Most of them said that they are quite fluent in the language, if not to the level of proficiency. Some admitted facing difficulties but were confident of coping up with the support of their friends.
What we asked: How different is life at PSG Tech from that of school?
What we got: Most of them felt that it was just a mere extension of school and did not find any difference. However, a few felt that their schools were the actual colleges and this was a school. A misnomer? Surprising indeed!
What we asked : How has your experience in the hostel been so far ?
What we got : More than 21% of the bunch who took up the survey were day scholars.
Coming to the fraction who stay in the hostel, most of the hostelers are already loving the life at hostel and are having a blast with their friends. Some of them said that the atmosphere is decent and hygienic and they need time to settle. Never did we come across a home-sick student !
What we asked :  Your views on the orientation programme…
What we got : On a scale of one to ten, majority of the responses we received were 8s and 9s. Almost everybody found both the common and department-wise orientation programmes well-organised and useful, for they gave a good insight to the course. However, a few felt that three days was too long and the programmes could have been scheduled for two-days instead.

During the orientation programme ( Read An Optimistic Start )

What we asked: What opinion do you hold of this institution?
What we got: Almost everyone loved the study atmosphere and their peers in the institution. They say that it is a great place to learn with cutting edge technology within their reach. A few admitted facing difficulties in finding the laboratories and requested for maps. (We hope they have figured out the routes !)
TEAM BRIDGE would like to thank all the students who took up this survey and wishes them all the best of luck on beginning this new phase in their lives. Live, laugh, learn, spread your wings and have a memorable stay here. (Stay tuned to our website to know the results of the lucky draw)

RAGHAV HRISHIKESHAN (B.E Electronics and Communication, 2014-2018) is an avid reader and loves to write poems. He is passionate about technology. He follows works of fiction and is an ardent GOT fan. He aims to shape the world with his revolutionary ideas and make the world a better place to stay.

FIONA VICTORIA (B.E Robotics & Automation, 2015-2019) is a passionate vocalist and a pianist. Her other interests include web designing and doodling.
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