Advanced In Years, Advanced In Life

Poetry Sep 8, 2014

Photograph by S.Vimal Raj
Advanced in years, advanced in life
There slouches our grandmother in strife.
Winter has set in, no time to laugh
For our grandmother is knitting a scarf.
Behold the nature devoid Earth,
As the grandmother looks through the window.
Everyone steps outdoors with a dust mask
For the air so polluted never was
And breathing shall cause dreadful malady.
Every time a man digs the soil
Only plastics found amid the great toil!
Drinking water has been rationalized
Only a liter for a huge family.
And as our granny knits the scarf
She gives up water with a guilty laugh.
Her grandson returns home with a thud
Covered with sand and drenched with mud
But no water to take bath
So he holds himself in wrath.
Greenery pictures he finds
Only in textbook binds.
Grandma is beware of all these
And takes her mind to the trees.
There is only one tree in India
That is the great Banyan tree
And it is among the 7 wonders of the world.
It hardly rains once a year
So everyone gets a holiday
To see in front the nature appear.
Grandma with agony and despair
Explains her children how beautiful
Earth was, when nature was there.
She wrote articles for magazines
Describing the birds chirping in peace
And the smell of the tranquil breeze.
Grandma catches sight of another incident:
Only one rose left in the Ooty rose garden
And before grandma could give a pardon
In Auction was it sold to the highest bidder!!!
Never a rose, was seen then.
But don’t worry, we are not in that age now
And never we shall get that blow.
But our future will, the future generation will
Undergo all these torments calling us evil.
We now see children playing around the trees
We now see animals in deciduous forests
We now enjoy rain and greenery.
But we will be a nemesis for the future.
Let the future not see greenery in books
But in reality, in real life let them see brooks.
Perhaps our world has simply been hijacked
If man is to survive we need to act.
So, let’s act and save our planet “EARTH”


Abirami A

Along with Vimal Raj

Abirami is a voracious reader and an articulate writer. She drifts away her spare time writing book reviews for her library and promotes the work of budding authors across the globe.