Intrapreneurship Vs Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship Aug 16, 2014

Varied flavours of the same candy.

If you choose a job you like, then you will never have to work for a day in your life

If your passion lies in searching for opportunities in challenges, managing crisis and getting people to work as a team, then an entrepreneur is what you are meant to be. Or wait! Is being an Intrapreneur a safer bet?

An Intrapreneur is the one who manages within a company and promotes innovative product development and marketing. An entrepreneur is his own boss but the risks are so much his own as well. Most college students who aspire to be entrepreneurs may choose to be Intrapreneurs for a couple of years in order to learn the tricks of the trade without actually having to bear the risks. Does one's experience as an Intrapreneur significantly contribute to him being a successful entrepreneur? It is highly under debate due to the following reasons:

  1. Entrepreneurs willingly take risks and they are game for high profit or heavy loss kind of deals. Intrapreneurs on the other hand go for the safer options which keep the firm and their position in a much secured state. Entrepreneurs work towards the profit and Intrapreneurs towards recognition.
  2. For Entrepreneurs it is always their way. Their company is set to their ideals, tastes and preferences. An Intrapreneur most of the time has to adapt himself to the deep routed traditions of the company he is working for.
  3. Entrepreneurs have the complete freedom to take the final decision and make any last minute changes. More often than not the freedom of an Intrapreneur is restricted by many factors. This might also adversely affect on the optimism and confidence of an Intrapreneur.
  4. Finally, an Entrepreneur however moderate his business may be is viewed on par by even the bigger competitors. On the other hand the Intrapreneur of even a large scale firm is always treated as an employee and never the boss.

The passion is the same but the flavor is different. Though a successful Intrapreneur may also prove to be a successful entrepreneur and vice versa, it is intelligent to be specific about one’s own expectation and choose the role accordingly. Entrepreneurship is for the adventure seekers where as Intrapreneurship is for those who seek the safe zone.


Roopika R

Roopika is passionate about music and classical dance. She loves writing about anything that puts her in awe and also writing is her favorite way of expressing what she feels.