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Tech 101 May 26, 2018
First batch of the course, M.Sc. Data Science (2015-20)

With data being produced in humongous amounts, extracting knowledge and meaning out of them has become the need of the hour. Right from the best suggestions and recommendations to predictions and auto completion of sentences, the concept of technology has seen a shift in our lives. Data Science is pulling the ends between fiction and technology. “Stay ahead and be relevant”, stated Prof. Dr. R. NADARAJAN (Head of the Department, Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences) when asked about the vision behind the genesis of M.Sc. Data Science stream as a part of the courses offered at PSG College of Technology.

The year 2015 proudly introduced the M.Sc. Data Science programme as a new addition to the already existing successful courses, M.Sc. Software Engineering and M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science (Read MSc Theoretical Computer Science: Beyond conventional Computer Science). This course was seeded to foresee budding data scientists who seek to own expertise in Statistics, Data Visualization, Mathematics and Computer Science and train them to solve challenging data-driven real world problems. This programme is a science-centric one, encouraging students to dig data with brains and not with hands, with a goal to understand the essence and story behind the numbers in the data. It provides both research and industrial perspectives and opportunities for the students.

How unique is MSc Data Science?

With phenomenal support from the college management, alumni network and well-wishers, the value and support system for this course were laid and the curriculum and course work were designed with the help of great industrial experts and professors from elite Indian institutions like the IITs, IMSc and IIMs, keeping in mind the requirement of data scientists in the industry and the research domain. The course emphasizes on fields of study like Predictive Analytics, Big Data Analytics and Management Systems, Reinforcement Learning and Data Conceptualization, providing in-depth knowledge in how data science as a tool could be used to interpret, infer and solve problems. “Hands-on experience, one-week long programmes in various industrial applications, training programmes for Data Visualization using business software applications like Tableau and Data Science hackathons held through the course help in sharpening the skill set of the Data Science students”, said Dr. M. SENTHILKUMAR (Programme coordinator, M.Sc. Data Science, 2015-20).

How do you get in?

The students are admitted into the course by passing through two rigorous rounds of competition. The students are initially shortlisted based on their performance in the 12th grade Board examination and preference given for this stream, following which they must pass an online MCQ test, held to assess their knowledge in Math and Physics (JEE Mains and Advanced Level Questions). Finally, the students who successfully tackle the personal interview round find their way to the Data Science Course.

M.Sc. Data Science students (2017-22)

Until Now…

With the sibling streams, M.Sc. Software Engineering and M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science running successfully, boasting a 100 percent placement record, the Data Science stream has opened its track record by its students getting placed as data analysts in top companies like Myntra, KLA Tencor, Noodle.ai, Societe Generale, JP Morgan, Dell EMC R&D for a 6-month internship (during the 7th semester). Two internship opportunities, one in the 7th semester and another in the 10th semester are a part of the academic requirements, through which students can get the hang of what the industry and the research setting expects from data scientists and how they could contribute in making a lasting impression in people’s daily lives through this.

KAUSHIK SURESH (M.Sc. Data Science, 2015-20), who secured the best paper award for presenting a research paper on “Setting up Business in E-Commerce and Local markets in India” at the International Conference on Business Management and Social Innovation, Goa, shares his take Data Science.

“Data Scientists are the modern painters of the 21st century who paint the untold story that the numbers tell them. Numbers are divine and never lie. But it is up to us to understand them and use them wisely. Data is the food for bots and data scientists would soon be considered the doctors for robots. Data science is the new oil that would satisfy the needs of the society, government and industries. Be it right from cancer detection, FIFA pricing, predicting women drop out count in the society to music and theatrical analysis and business analytics, it is all about how well our models explain the reality.”

John Foreman, Vice President Product Management, MailChimp, stated, “Data scientists are kind of like the new Renaissance folks, because data science is inherently multidisciplinary.” This new course at PSG College of Technology targets to make students polymorphic, highly adaptive in industrial situations and thrive to solve real world problems. We truly believe that this course will serve its purpose of introduction and earn a great name for itself and flourish, just like how its sibling streams M.Sc. Software Engineering and M.Sc. Theoretical Computer Science have done.

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