‘Anthathi’- Seeds for the Future

On Campus Apr 7, 2018

A glimpse into Team DX’s grand curtain call


Catchy!, Eh?

The Grand Showdown on March 11 – ‘Anthathi’ marked the Golden Jubilee of one of the oldest clubs in PSG Tech- Team Dramatix, with a rich history of 50 years. When Team Dramatix was started back in 1968, the TekMusic club did not exist separately and Team Dramatix was the roof under which all manner of performing arts were exhibited. Therefore, it is right to say that Team Dramatix is the pioneer of all the clubs in PSG Tech. Being one of the oldest and most prestigious clubs in existence, they have seldom disappointed us, and ‘Anthathi’ certainly wasn’t an exception. With its stunning visuals, graceful performances and the majestic artworks in the backdrop, this event proved to be a sumptuous feast for eager eyes.

Anthathi’s poster
The Entertainment slots

By the break of dusk, the show kicked off with an entertaining performance by the girls. Their amazing choreography backed by their striking costumes kept the audience hooked and set the tone right for the rest of the day. Soon, the boys took over the stage, opening with the power packed Kabali theme music. The colloquial flavour in their performance lifted their spirits and extracted thunderous applause and excitement from the audience.


The First Entertainment slot
The Boys Team giving out a striking pose during their performance

The Tribunal Slots

The second slot by the boys was a tribute to the living legend in the History of the Indian Dance Scene- Prabhu Deva. The dancers performed to the Indian MJ’s most popular beats in chronological order and took the audience to the 90’s and brought them back. Their fluid moves accompanied with elegant formal costumes were visual treats.

The Boys’ team and their signature stance

The next slot was a tribute to the legendary Indian Musician – Oscar Naayagan A.R.Rahman. While the maestro’s name itself was enough to keep the audience hooked on, the awe was multiplied during several moments – like the snow spray show during Munbe Vaa and flower petals’ shower towards the end. The evergreen Musthafa Musthafa was performed by the dancers with school bags as dancing aids and the performance reminded us all of our childhood. The slot ended with a visually stunning performance by the boys clad in traditional attire on Aalaporaan Tamizhan. (The slot itself was called ‘Aalaporan Tamizhan’, owing to its popularity).

Aalaporan Tamizhan checked every box there ever was on an entertainment chart
The third slot based on the fusion of old songs and remix songs was an absolute delight.


Before we had memes and funny videos, there were DX fillers – a few minute-long clips where the team shells out all the humour, enjoyment and enthusiasm to the audience. This year was no different but for the fact that it was ‘DX-50’; the fun and frolic was multiplied by fifty as this one had the most number of fillers in a Dramatix show of recent years. Tributes were paid in the form of videos, to the engineers (who dream, build and ensure safety), to the sportspeople (who have brought several laurels to the institution), to the unsung workers (who help us lead a smooth routine) and to the final year students. Other fillers like the Kaththi Cover (on our college), IPL atrocities and Internet Paridhabangal (trolls on famous Internet personalities,  replacing the DX awards this time) left the audience rolling in laughter.


Staying true to their traditions, the show also had the customary Short film slot, in which the crew’s talents, inventory and hard work are brought under the spotlight in the form of a twenty-minute- themed film that always leaves the audience in awe.

The short film ‘Anthathi’ consisted of 3 parts

(Check out their short film here )

While the first and the second parts portray the impact our behaviour has on children, the third part emphasises on the values that have to be instilled in them, thereby explaining the name of the show  ‘Anthathi’ (meaning ‘Seeds for the future’). The show wasn’t about celebrating the end of an era, it was about sowing the seeds for the next!

Despite a shorter run time and a few performances (Praveen’s quirky cover on ‘Maacho’ , Nithin’s cover on ‘Chellame’ which was shot at exquisite locations, Kaushik’s ‘Tech cuts’ on the life of every Tech-ian and Team DX’s cover on ‘Koova’) not seeing the light on the D-day, the gruelling efforts and undying spirit of the team members and the enthusiasm of the audience made ‘Anthathi’ arguably one of the best shows put up by DX in recent times and have set high standards for the years to come.

Curtains drawn close!

Team Dramatix (or Team DX), (one of)the oldest club(s) of PSG Tech, serves as the right platform to bring out student talents in theatre and performing arts. A source of ‘edutainment’ in campus, this year marks the fiftieth anniversary of the club’s inception.


Sri Hari M

Sri Hari is a simple reader of the books with an unbound love for ‘Uncle Pai’ aka Anant Pai and is an admirer of ‘Ezio Auditore’. He also wishes to commentate on a live-football game someday.