Nouvelle 2k18

On Campus Feb 13, 2018

Excerpts on TekMusic’s revival of their trademark event
By Shriram R (B.E EEE, 2017-2021)
Photographs by Lokesh (MSc TCS , 2014-2019)
‘Without music, life would be a mistake.’

PSG Tech’s very own Tekmusic ensure that we don’t make this mistake. On the lazy Saturday evening of the 3rd of February, the F Block Auditorium was abuzz as people poured in, looking forward to some quality time with music. The people of Tekmusic were in the process of reviving their trademark event “Nouvelle”, after a hiatus of two years. Unlike the other concerts that they performed throughout the year, “Nouvelle” was comprised of evergreen cine songs, Tekmusic covers, songs that tested their mettle and tunes that held a special place in their hearts.

With Senthil on the bass, Keshav and Vignesh on the guitar, Nirmal, Aravind and Harini behind the drums, Benita on the flute and Siddharth, Leo, Pranesh and Karthik on the keyboard, Tekmusic was ready to rock the night.


The Entire Team

The evening began with the resounding tune of ‘Endrendrum Punnagai’ in its Hindi and Tamil versions and gave the audience a glimpse of the magical night they were in for. Then came the all time favourite ‘Nannare Nannare’ by Subashini, which had everyone singing along. The band then went with the Ilayaraja classic, ‘Neethane en Ponvasantham’. Sri Prasanna touched all the right notes and did justice to the sea of melody as the team went on to belt out ‘Kannazhaga’. The audience was a picture of serene and tranquil during the event, only to erupt into a thunderous storm of applause at the end. The tempo of the concert greatly increased with ‘Madurai ku pogaadha di’. Sri Prasanna, Mukund and most of the girls banded together and went on to effortlessly spin magic out of thin air. The peppy song was well performed by the percussion team and had the audience tapping their feet to the rhythm and singing along with gusto.

During the show


 ‘Kannamma’ from KO2 was rendered by Senthil, who astounded the audience with his mastery over vocals. Nanthana serenaded the audience with a solo performance of ‘Ninaithu Ninatithu’ and had everyone under her spell for the entire song.


The Voices of the Evening

Behind the instruments


The aforementioned songs proved to be mere appetizers and faded in comparison with the forthcoming. The singers banded together once more for A.R. Rahman’s ‘Poovukkul Olindhirukkum’. While Mukund took care of the male voice, Samyuktaa sang the female portions perfectly with the other female singers singing the chorus with gusto, belting out a mesmerizing performance. The next song was an all-girls’ rendition of Ilayaraja’s masterpiece ‘Ennulle Ennulle’, which was in perfect pitch. This was followed by another one of Ilayaraja’s masterpieces ‘Sangeetha Megam’ by Sri Prasanna. All good things must come to an end, and so did “Nouvelle” with one final piece- the band’s cover of the famous ‘Ennuyire’ from the film Uyire. The cover was composed by Senthil, and it was also the first time that they performed it on stage. They gave an inspired performance and the audience responded with unparalleled enthusiasm.

As the evening came to an end, all the performers signed off to a huge round of applause from their adoring fans. The singers who gave life to songs with their voices were Mukund, Sri Prasanna, Subashini, Nanthana, Atul, Manasa, Senthil, Sahana, Samyuktaa and Sonali.All in all, it was a perfect treat for music lovers by a group of music lovers.

The artists of the evening were:

Senthil(BE Computer Science and Engineering, 2014-18), Sonali (B.Tech Information Technology, 2015-19), Subashini (MCA Third Year), Siddharth (BE Computer Science and Engineering, 2015-19), Nanthana(B.Tech Biotechnology, 2017-21), Benita (BSc Applied Science, 2016-19), Pranesh(BE, Instrumentation and Control Engineering, 2014-18), Karthik (B Tech Textile Technology, 2016-20), Keshav (BE Mechanical Engineering, 2017-21), Leo (BE Mechanical Engineering(SW), 2016-21), Samyuktaa (MSc Software Systems, 2016-21), Mukund, Manasa, Vignesh and Nirmal (MSc Theoretical Computer Science, 2016-21), Aravind (BE Mechanical Engineering, 2015-19), Sahana(MSc Software Systems, 2014-19), Atul(MSc Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-19), Sri Prasanna(MSc Theoretical Computer Science, 2014-19), Harini(BTech Biotechnology, 2015-19).


SHRIRAM R.(B.E. ELECTRICAL AND ELECTRONICS, 2017-2021) is an avid reader and when he isn’t reading a book, he can be found binge watching English series or listening to songs.

LOKESH (MSc. THEORETICAL COMPUTER SCIENCE, 2014-19) loves bike riding. He is the kind of person who loves romantic stories. He is also a foodie and is passionate about photography.
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