Photo of the Week #5

On Campus Feb 05, 2015

‘The Bridge’ has an enthusiastic clique of photographers who work through the clock to provide photos that corroborate articles written by the team of writers. Besides that, they work on Photography articles. ‘Photo of the week’ brings a fresh perspective to ‘The Bridge’ and to the clique of photographers. The photographers work in unison and come up with photos related to a ‘theme’. We’re continuing with last week’s theme of ‘Republic Day’ and present to you, the ‘Photo of the week #5’, clicked by Sooraj.V.S. (B.E. Mechanical, 2011-2015).

Interesting anecdotes of India's history on display
Interesting anecdotes of India’s history on display

The NCC wing of our college created and displayed various artefacts during the Republic Day celebrations. One of the highlights of the items on display was the collection of facts that continue to be regarded as significant milestones of Indian History.

Sooraj_PicSOORAJ.V.S. (B.E. Mechanical, 2011-2015) is a happiness seeker even from the smallest details of nature. He loves to get his hands greased by being involved in one thing or the other. His interests lie in capturing short lived moments to ecstasy rich memories. He is also a passionate runner.

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