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On Campus Aug 5, 2016

A brief coverage of the Students Union’s inaugural and activity plan by THE BRIDGE
By  R. P. Ajeesh (B.E. Biomedical Engineering, 2013-2017)
-Through the ranges to be the change!
The inaugural function of Students Union 2016-17 was organized at the F-block assembly hall at 12th July 2016. As the classes after 3:30 pm were canceled owing to the function, there was a reasonable crowd in the hall by the time the guest of honor arrived along with the Principal of PSG College of Technology.
The welcome address was delivered by Dr. K. Natarajan, Dean (Student Affairs). He emphasized  the importance of co-curricular and extra-curricular activities in addition to academic excellence. He informed the students about the number of clubs and associations in the college, which can be considered as suitable platforms to nurture their talents.
The Activity plan for this academic year was proposed by Mr. Nandagopal, (Chairperson, Students Union). In his speech, the theme of the Students Union for this year was revealed to be ‘Be the Change’, with which a holistic experience was promised to be delivered to the students. The objectives of the Union as mentioned are:

  • Promotion of mutual contact, democratic outlook and a spirit of oneness among the students
  • Promotion of social, cultural and intellectual development of the students
  • Promotion of harmonious relations among all the sections of the college community
  • Representation of students-centered matters to the college authorities

The intended activities for the academic year are, as follows,

  • Student Welfare programs like scheduled mock interviews and group discussions assessed by experts
  • Encouraging students to make them feel confident about taking entrance exams for higher studies
  • Soft skills development workshops
  • Knowledge enhancement seminars
  • Guest lectures by HRs of fortune 500 companies
  • The Annual Intra-cultural fest, INTRAMS 2k16 to be conducted on September 17th and 18th of 2016
  • Kriya 2k17 to be conducted on 10, 11 and 12th of February 2017

The official mail address provided to the students to inform the SU about any suggestions or grievances:
The presidential address was given by Dr. R. Rudramoorthy, (Principal, PSG College of Technology). He also mentioned the levels at which extra-curricular skills can have an impact on academic activities. He briefed about the role of SU in the college premises and the variety of opportunities provided by it for the betterment of students. He personally suggested the idea of the formation of Quality Circles in each class, which can act as a bridge between the classrooms and the SU. He advised students to take sole responsibility of bringing issues related to academics to the knowledge of the SU representatives.
The guest of honor, Mr. B. Santhanam, Managing Director, Saint Gobain Glass India Ltd., started addressing the gathering, with his pleasure of being in the automotive capital of Tamilnadu which revived fond memories to him and he believed that Coimbatore can provide a wholesome experience for the budding engineers. He pointed out that the students should be prepared to face anything in this ever-changing world. He shared his experience of working with a few of the great minds. He also touched upon the current major debate persisting among the world scholars on Nature and Nurture, whether talents are acquired or innate.
He accented about having a wide divergence of achievement. “I never imagined myself to be a Managing Director of a company which fortunately deals with Civil Engineering, my core subject in UG”, he said when discussing the vast engineering disciplines and facilities available across the world. “We never know what the future beholds for us. We should be able to cope up with any kind of real life situations tactically
He discussed the blueprint of success, quoting the ‘e’ factors or enablers; enthusiasm, energy, experience, endurance and edge. He also advised students to be strong in the fundamental principles and concepts to perform better in placement interviews. He finally concluded his thought-provoking speech by asking the students to be connected to the physical world.
The Vote of thanks was given by Mr. Pravin (Co- Chairperson, Students Union).
A personal interview conducted to brief about the motives of the office bearers can be found below:

NANDAGOPAL (B.E. CIVIL, 2013-17) – Chairperson
NANDA GOPAL (B.E. CIVIL, 2013-17) – Chairperson

NANDA GOPAL (B.E. CIVIL, 2013-17) – Chairperson
“The Students’ Union representing the students of our college bags the responsibility of promoting the welfare of students in all aspects of college life. I love to be a part of such union to fulfill the dreams of providing our students an excellent Engineering Education coupled with a platform to foster their social and cultural skills. “
PRAVIN (B.E. MECH (SW), 2012-17) – Co-Chairperson
PRAVIN (B.E. MECH (SW), 2012-17) – Co-Chairperson

PRAVIN (B.E. MECH (SW), 2012-17) – Co-Chairperson
I was inspired by the office bearers of SU during my 3rd year in college and I have dreamt of becoming one by then. I had worked with Global Leaders Forum as well as the National Service Scheme, where I had various opportunities to develop my leadership skills. With all my experiences and the innovations inside me, I was motivated to do something for the college. I desperately wanted to become the Co-Chairperson and indulge myself in serving for the college. With my dreams come true, here I am happily ready to work for the benefits of the students as well as the management.
SWARNA LAKSHMI (B.E. EEE(SW), 2012-17) - Associative Chairperson
SWARNA LAKSHMI (B.E. EEE(SW), 2012-17) – Associative Chairperson

SWARNA LAKSHMI (B.E. EEE(SW), 2012-17) – Associative Chairperson
“I wanted to be a part of students union to bring a change in students’ participation in various activities and to enhance and elevate the co-curricular activities among girls. “
SACHIN GANESH (B.E. MECH, 2014-18) – Secretary (Men)
SACHIN GANESH (B.E. MECH, 2014-18) – Secretary (Men)

SACHIN GANESH (B.E. MECH, 2014-18) – Secretary (Men)
“Student union gives me an opportunity to act as a bridge between the management and the students and as a result to develop.”
PAVITHRA (B.E. ECE, 2014-2018) – Secretary (Women)
PAVITHRA (B.E. ECE, 2014-2018) – Secretary (Women)

PAVITHRA (B.E. ECE, 2014-2018) – Secretary (Women)
“Being an office bearer of the Students Union 2016-17 gives me much happiness and pride.  Students Union represents the whole institution which acts as a communicator between the students and the organization. Being a secretary, as well as a student, I am responsible for addressing the needs and views of my fellow mates. Moreover, this post would give me a space to interact, a good leadership quality, responsibility and also exposure. Each and every individual has valid thoughts and as a secretary, I would like to unite their thoughts and bring it into an action. I also want to put forth a point that I will be a responsible secretary for SU 2K16-17. “

ajeesh R. P. Ajeesh(III Year Biomedical Engineering) is a devouring reader and loves to write about mysteries and  relationships. He  is passionate about journalism, loves camping and music. He has a great deal of interest in crime thrillers  and detective  stories.

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