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On Campus Jan 1, 2018

A brief coverage of the 13th Young Alumni Meet conducted on 30th December 2017, Saturday

By Aysha (B.Sc Applied Science, 2017-2020) and Harshini (B.E SW EEE, 2016-2021)

Unity is easy to achieve but it takes the right leadership to make the best out of it

People seeing each other after a long time; some greeting their professors with the utmost happiness; some looking in admiration at the buildings and rekindling lost memories ; stories shared to impart thoughts from bygone years to the spontaneous crowd present- this was the scenario on the 30th of December at the campus of PSG Tech.

The distinguished members on the dais

It was a nostalgic moment for all the alumni gathered for the 13th edition of the Young Alumni Meet. Post the registrations in front of E-block, the jubilant gathering had settled at the F block assembly hall for the YAM program. After short hymns to the almighty, Mr.R.S.Krishnaswamy,  President of the Alumni Association delivered the welcome address. For the past 12 years, the Young Alumni Meet has been conducted along with the Alumni Congress and this year saw the first instance of it being conducted separately. The alumni were eagerly waiting for a walk through memory lane. Soon, the dais was taken over by Dr.R.Rudramoorthy, Principal, PSG tech, who briefed about the two major organisations formed by the Alumni Association – the Alumni Foundation and the Science and Technology Museum. He took pride in calling the graduates highly energetic people who create and organize work. Mentioning the importance of the alumni, he stated that they play a crucial role in designing the syllabi for the courses offered in the campus and support the students via numerous scholarships, placements and guidance. They also help in training the staff and in developing the necessary infrastructure to adapt to ever-growing needs. He also said that aspiring entrepreneurs and research scholars receive extensive support and guidance from our alumni. The Principal thanked the alumni for their extensive contributions and added that the institution was sure to receive a lot of support from the association in the years to come. He concluded quoting, “Mutually, we grow together”, which implicitly states that strength and foundation is achieved through mere unity and dedication.

The eager gathering

The chief guest of the day, Dr.B.Valsa holds the prestigious post of Deputy Director of the Vikram Sarabhai Space Centre at Trivandrum. Also an alumnus of PSG Tech (B.E ECE, Batch of 1982), she went ahead to finish her masters from IIT-M. Dr.Valsa has several papers in national and international journals to her credit and was the recipient of India Today’s ‘Woman Scientist of the Year’ award for 2017. She began her speech by thanking the institution for instilling all the necessary traits and helping her realise her capabilities. Fondly recollecting her time at Tech, she expressed her love for Engineering Drawing and her gratitude to all her professors for their guidance. She also spoke of her workplace with immense pride and referred to the work at ISRO as ‘making history in the aerospace industry’. “Projects at ISRO are not one-man shows. They are a result of the efforts of and transparency among a group of experts from different engineering and scientific disciplines” she stated, stressing on the importance of teamwork. She also encouraged female students to venture further into the field of science of technology. “Excel in what you do; read a lot ; be competent. My journey at VSSB has taught me that neither the sky nor outer space is the limit”, she added as a parting note.

Dr.Valsa delivering her address

The most awaited moment of the day was when our alumni were recognized for their entrepreneurial skills and for their contribution towards society. The 13th YAM awardees were

  • Mr Arafat – B.E Metallurgy
  • Mr Mithun Balaji – B.Tech Textile Technology
  • Mr T Gopalan – B.E CSE
  • Mr Muruganandan –B.E Civil
  • Mr Karthikeyan Vaiyapuri – M.Sc Software Systems
  • Mr Ramachandran – B.E ECE
  • Ms Dhivya Krishnan – B.E CSE
  • Mr Nitesh Kumar Bucha – B.Sc Computer Technology
  • Mr Harish Kumar – Diploma in Textile Technology
  • Mr Manoj Kumar – Diploma in Textile Technology
  • Mr Ramalingam – B.Tech Fashion Technology
  • Mr Vivek Sharma – B.E Mechanical (SW)
The YAM Awardees on stage

The 32nd GRD Talent Exam for the year 2017 was conducted for students of classes 9 to 12 across 19 centres in Tamil Nadu in both Tamil and English. This year’s exam witnessed 1,699 participants and the toppers of each centre were recognised and awarded during the ceremony, marking the end of the first half of the day.

The Young Alumni Meet- 2017 is the 13th edition of its kind. This edition witnessed over 600 registrations by students who graduated from PSG College of Technology and PSG Polytechnic College between 2008 and 2017.

Stay tuned to THE BRIDGE to know about the proceedings of the rest of the day and the words of wisdom exchanged by the award winners.

Images courtesy : PSG Tech Alumni Association

AYSHA (B.Sc APPLIED SCIENCE, 2017-2020) is an art lover and an illustrator who highly overachieves at aimlessness. She adores science and would choose a good book over anything. Also, she is a Stars Wars enthusiast and loves writing.

HARSHINI T (BE SW EEE, 2016-2021) is chirpy, outgoing and is ready to meet new people and befriend them. She loves reading and listening to people and is always curious to learn and explore new things.

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Harshini T

Harshini is chirpy, outgoing and is ready to meet new people and befriend them. She loves reading and listening to people and is always curious to learn and explore new things