PSG Basketball trophy 2016

Sports Sep 15, 2016

By Harshini.T  (B.E. EEE (SW) 2016-2021)

Dribble, Shoot, Rebound, Score!
On the evening of 13th august, the atmosphere was electric, the fans were on the edge of their seats from the beginning of the game. The match became so competitive that there were verbal battles among the two sets of followers. There were nail biting moments. “DRIBBLE,SHOOT,REBOUND,SCORE!!” It was not a “Last Minute Match”.
Tringggg!! the bell rang and the score flashed 71-83. ONGC won!! The score may look easy, but it was a very tough match. Though the TN juniors did a splendid job, when player Prasana Venkatesh was injured, the team’s spirit started to drop gradually as they missed few free-throws that might have changed the game. Mohit of ONGC who has been playing Basketball for seven years said, “We were pretty confident of our success”. Rikin of Income tax was elated by the audience cheers and said, “PSG has always been awesome and all of them here give us a good feel with their hospitality”. The tournament spanned from 8th August to 13th August and witnessed about 10 matches and many teams competing against each other to get their hands on the magnificent trophy. ONGC were the fortunate ones this year! The stadium witnessed several close matches and it echoed with the thunders of applause, shirks of joy and cries of disappointment.


The trophies at display
The trophies at display

The teams vying for the ball
The teams vying for the ball


The engaged audience
The engaged audience

Runner up - Tamilnadu
Runner up – Tamilnadu

The winning team - ONGC
The winning team – ONGC

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